See below for the list of carbon offset projects we currently support, thanks to you.

Hydropower generation in Myanmar

Description: Dapein (1) Hydropower Project in Union of Myanmar is located on Dapein River in Bhamo city, Kachin state, Myanmar. The project is a newly built hydropower project with the installed capacity of 240MW. The electricity is expected to be delivered to the regional power grid consisting of Myanmar National Power Grid and South China Power Grid. 

Impact: The project will achieve electricity generation by utilizing renewable water resources. The electricity generated by the proposed project will substitute a portion of the energy required in South China & Myanmar, which is dominated by fossil fuel generated electricity. In
addition to CO2 emission reductions, the proposed project will help to reduce the emission of other
pollutants, such as NOx, SO2, Total Suspended Particles, etc.

View the full report and documentation on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s website here

Wind farm Project – A collaborative initiative from China, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands & Germany 

Description: The proposed project is a newly-built wind farm, which is located in Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, and is developed by CECIC Wind Power (Zhangbei) Yunwei Co. The goal is to install and operate 66 wind turbines of 750kW and net supplied power of 94,050 MWh per year.

Impact: The operation of the proposed project will lead to emission reductions of approximately 89,366 tons CO2 per year. It will therefore help local government to promote the economy development and improve the air quality. The proposed project promotes local sustainable development through the following aspects: 

• reducing CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions; 

• creating local employment opportunity during the assembly and installation of wind turbines, and for operation of the proposed project; 

• reducing other particulate pollutants resulting from the fossil fuel fired power plants compared with a business-as-usual scenario.

View the full report and documentation on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s website here

Biomass power plant from industrial & forestry operations

Description: The “Viñales Biomass Power Plant” project located in the community of Constitución in the Maule Region
of Chile is a grid-connected renewable energy project activity, displacing grid electricity with electricity
generated from renewable sources (sawdust and bark from sawmills and biomass residues from forestry
operations) after meeting the captive steam and electricity requirements of attached sawmill, thus
resulting in emission reductions of greenhouse gases in the energy sector.

ImpactPrior to the implementation of the project activity, the Viñales sawmill relied on an external company who supplied heat to the Viñales sawmill and on the grid for electric power. The total estimated amount of GHG emission reductions from the project is calculated to be
2 736 308 tCO2 over a 10-years crediting period, resulting in estimated average annual emission
reductions of 273 631 tCO2.

View the full report and documentation on Verra‘s website here