You create edutaining
climate-related content?

Good, Get paid for it!

We’re always looking for amazing content creators to work with. Your work can now have a direct positive impact on climate change and we’ll pay you up to 35% of our net revenue for it. Read below and let’s have a chat OR fill out our application! 

How it works

1. We host your content on Carbonii
Your already created articles, infographics, videos, podcasts and much more? See Carbonii as a new platform where to publish your own content. A purpose-driven platform.
2. Carbonii's users consume content
Our users log onto Carbonii to consume sustainability-related content. We engage them in climate action by rewarding the time they spent on the platform.
3. We share our revenues with you
Sponsored articles, affiliate marketing and in-app ads allow us to generate income.  We're sharing the profits with you. We are paying up to 35% of our net revenues in royalties.
4. Lasting impact
We use our revenues to fund trees planting and carbon offsets initiatives for our community. This means that our users become carbon neutral for free, while learning how to reduce their impact at the source from your content.  We're sharing the profits with you. We are paying up to 35% of our net revenues in royalties.
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What's in it for you

We will never ask you to create content specifically for us or tell you what content to create. You only share the content you want to. We make sure to place your content where it will generate the most engagement.

If we generate revenue from content consumption, it’s only fair that you get your share of it. We will pay you royalties of up to 35% of our revenues.

Who else out there can say that their content helps people plant trees and capture CO2? Join us to differentiate from the masses!

We group content in ways that enables you to talk to people who want to hear the story you are about to tell them. The goal is to create higher engagement towards your content!

We incentivize our community to discover your website or main social media pages.

What we ask from you

In order to make this partnership a success, we need to get people on the platform. And we need your help promoting it. But, don’t worry, we won’t ask for much!

To keep our community engaged, we need to publish new content on a regular basis (weekly). We will want access to your existing content and we will expect you to create new articles, blogs, videos, etc. on a regular basis.

Trust is critical to the success of this platform. And we cannot and will not tolerate any attempt of greenwashing.

Apply by Earth Day 2022 to benefit from boosted royalty rates

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