A Climate Pledge, for a Climate-engaged Workforce.

Your business already offsets its footprint? Participates in a tree planting initiative? 
Great, but what about your employeesWhat if they could be a part of your climate pledge and raise their climate awareness at the same time?

Calculate your pledge

Establish the carbon footprint of your workforce with our calculator.

Plans for all needs

You can decide to simply commit to a climate pledge OR put your employees at the center of it, and save money by doing so.

Engagement & Impact

Strengthen the bond with your team through inclusive climate action and track you impact in real-time.

What's in it for you...

Not only is including your employees in your climate pledge more engaging and rewarding for them – we will reduce your cost by up to 25% based on their participation. 

We understand your workforce is busy! We don’t ask for much of their time. In fact, less than 1% of an 8 hour workday is enough for us to offer the full 25% discount. 


And even if they can’t commit the full amount of time, we’ll prorate the price based on their efforts. No matter the situation, you always end up with a fully certified climate pledge.

We will provide detailed impact reports showcasing exactly all your efforts. How many trees were planted, carbons tons removed and time your employees spent for the benefit of our planet. A great addition to your ESG reporting

...and for your team!

Your team can scroll through articles, infographics, podcasts and videos and learn about sustainability related topics. 

They want to reduce their footprint? We’ll give them tips to do so. They wish to understand the impact of their commute? We can guide them. They need a new plastic-free reusable mug for the office? We’ll have options for them. 


Our goal is to help your employees figure out how they can best take climate action.

We designed Carbonii to be as engaging as possible for your team and make them part of you pledge. 

They can track their climate impact in real-time by seeing how many trees they have planted and how many tons of carbon they have offset from the time they spend on the platform.

Enable your team to make a difference! Now more than ever, employees are demanding and expecting clear commitments from their organization. Carbonii is taking it one step further by allowing them to combine their efforts as a group and with your help, concretely help our planet.