Reach a climate-focused audience.

A community of eco-conscious people ready to take action for the planet.

It's all about the story

We give you the time and space needed to properly tell your brand's story and educate our community.

Our audience seeks value from your content.



The right people at the right time

Our community comes on Carbonii with the genuine intention to be part of the climate solution.

They are already sold to your ideas, and ready to take action.

Call-to-action focused

We incentivize actions taken to discover brands further such as browsing your website, registering to a newsletter or making a purchase to support your business.


The best part?

Our users plant trees for connecting with your brand.

How it works for them:

Rewarding process

5 minutes a day will lead to planting up to 100 trees for free on their behalf.

People draw their journey

Content is grouped in clusters. They choose which topics they want to learn about.

No greenwashing

We carefully choose the brands and media sources who educate our community.

Comparison tool:

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